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June 18, 2017

Managing Your Money


With the downturn of today’s economy, one of the greatest problems facing consumers in general and churchgoers in particular is the lack of sound money management skills. Consequently, this has led them to develop the habit of over spending. With this habit, individuals will become victims of the debt-slavery system. This system will cause them to become habitually financial scrapped, i.e., chronically money shortage.

Money shortage is the most frequent explanation that churchgoers give their pastors for not tithing. Many of them have good paying jobs, yet, they cannot manage to set aside 10 percent of their income for tithing. They feel that they cannot afford to tithe.

Their problem is not a lack of money but their habit of money mismanagement. Many studies have shown that the primary reason people are money strapped is that they have developed the habit of over spending. This is a sign of money mismanagement. This mismanagement is a result of individuals not having been taught the habit of budgeting.

When the subject of “budgeting” is brought up, the first thing that comes to mind is “straightjacket” budgeting. But budgeting is about keeping track of one’s spending habit. It does not matter how much money one is earning; be it $50,000 or $3 million a year. If one does not develop the habit of budgeting, they will eventually end up broke.

Since money problems are the most frequent reason churchgoers give for not tithing, this booklet was put together to help individuals to develop the habit of budgeting and sound money management skills. Eventually, this habit will enable them to gain control of their finances. This booklet consists of various articles, and work sheets to assist individuals to gain control of their finances and eventually develop the habit of sound money management.


How to get out of debt and remain free of it. This book discusses the reasons why an individual gets into debt in the first place. The author argues that acquiring money management skills is the key to remaining free of debts, and how debts diminish one’s socioeconomic status. He outlines various strategies as to how an individual can stay free of debt by managing his money.

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