Breakthrough Approach

Our breakthrough approach to teaching tithing consists of a spiritually based behavior modification model that is designed to induce congregants to undergo a change in mindset toward tithing. It is designed to produce positive results.

This model consists of offering seminars on both (a) tithing and (b) money management. In our tithing seminars, we focus on demonstrating how tithing benefits the individual more than it does pastors and churches. In our money management seminars, we focus on teaching money management skills, which is a precursor to converting a congregation into becoming cheerful tithers.

Tithing Seminars

Our seminars differ from the traditional approach. This approach too often focuses on the vertical plane of religion where attempts are made to unite the soul with God. Great emphasis is placed on urging the congregation to try tithing as a matter of being obedient to God’s command.

The frame of reference for this approach can be found in Malachi 3:10 where God challenged us to try tithing. He said, in essence, bring your tithes and offerings to My storehouse so that there will be food. Try me and I will open up the windows of Heaven and pour out you such a blessing that there will not be room enough to hold it.

Many teachers of tithing interpret Malachi 3:10 as if the congregations were to try tithing, God is going to give them a big financial blessing. But this form of blessing is called vanity wealth. According Ecclesiastes 5: 10-20, any wealth obtained without work is vanity wealth, which will not last long. On the contrary, an individual will accumulate wealth when he/she develops the habit of practicing sound financial stewardship, which consists of tithing and saving.

Breakthrough Approach: Our breakthrough approach teaches tithing from both the vertical and horizontal planes of religion. Whereas Malachi 3:10 deals only with the vertical plane of religion, our breakthrough approach places greater emphasis upon the horizontal plane of religion, which can be found in Malachi 3: 9 and 11.

First, we dispel the many misconceptions that the benefactors of tithing are the pastors and the churches. We demonstrate how the individual tither is the greatest benefactor. Focusing on the horizontal plane, we encourage the individuals to undergo a process to develop the habit of practicing tithing and money management.

Malachi 3:9 describes the dire consequences of not tithing; that is, non-tithers will be cursed with a curse. We identify how those curses are played out in their daily lives. These curses can be found in the social and economic systems of society.

One system that is having the greatest effect on the deterioration of the individual’s social and economic condition’s today is the credit system. Many citizens are so deeply entrapped in the system that they cannot see how they could afford to tithe even if they wanted to. In The Power of Tithing, I described this system as a debt-slavery system. It is the devourer that God promised to rebuke for cheerful tithers in Malachi 3:11.

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